Welcome to dev~consult

The dev~consult is a unique client‐centric consulting practice believing in the philosophy of collective wisdom but individual niches. It has partnership with some of the largest international consulting organisations with decades of experience in their area of expertise. We, together, aim to cover diverse aspects of sustainable development including policy and governance; strategy design and execution; biodiversity and natural resource management; environmental and social safeguards; water resource management; research, evaluation and impact assessment; social mobilisation and gender mainstreaming; communication and knowledge management; health systems research and management; climate change; sustainable urban development; information technology for development; and programme implementation support.

The dev~consult offers full range of solutions for short, medium- and long-term initiatives through individual and/or team expertise. Planned and executed jointly, the effort is led by the most relevant partner. Owing to its flexible structure, the dev~consult has number of affiliates and associates throughout the country as well as around the world who provide their professional assistance on need basis.

The dev~consult, by design, operates in a low‐overhead mode acquiring the best expertise and logistical resources on need basis to maintain its swiftness in decision-making and cost effectiveness. Believing in virtual workspace, its office is equipped with all operational facilities and has efficient working arrangements with a wide network of service providers for technical and operational assistance, rendering its operations efficient and cost‐effective.

The dev~consult is registered as a Partnership Firm in Pakistan, and is also registered with number of international clients. The dev~consult is also part of the OECD’s Global Coalition for Good Water Governance, and member of the Climate Finance Investment Network, and the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry.



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