Current Projects

Urban Resilience in Balochistan

The Balochistan Rural Support Programme (BRSP) has engaged us for developing a concept paper on urban resilience in Balochistan to be submitted to the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

Apr–Sep 2024

Feasibility Study for Enhancing Green Export Capacity

A multidisciplinary team will undertake feasibility study for enhancing green export capacity through green financing in Pakistan. Contracted by the National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) through the Climate Resourcing Coordination Centre (CRCC), the assignment entails through assessment of technology and processes, and GHG estimation in textile leather, surgical instruments and rice sectors with financial structuring for green financing. It also entails environmental and social impact assessment, gender assessment, and gender action planning for the ensuing programme.

Sep 2023 – Sep 2024

Balochistan Climate Change Policy

UNDP has assigned us the development of Balochistan Climate Change Policy, Implementation Framework/Action Plan and Financing Strategy. Developed through an extensive consultative process in close coordination with the Government of Balochistan, the policy, action plan and the financing strategy will help the province in enhancing resilience against climate change and accessing the climate finance.

Jul 2023 – Jun 2024

SAFER Pakistan Proposal

Providing project design support to ICIMOD in developing its proposal on Sustainable Actions For Ecosystems Restoration in Pakistan, to be submitted to the Adaptation Fund. The special focus is on environmental and social safeguards, and monitoring, evaluation and learning aspects of the proposal. The project will be implemented by UNICEF and UN Women.

Aug 2023 – Mar  2024

External Social Safeguards Monitoring

The Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Programme (PICIIP) awarded a long-term contract to the dev~consult for external monitoring of the social safeguards compliance as prescribed by ADB’s Safeguards Policy Statement. In its first phase, the PICIIP is being implemented in Sahiwal and Sialkot to transform these into liveable cities by providing essential urban services and facilities. The assignment entails periodic visits, and monitoring and progress reports.

Oct 2020 – Dec 2023