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Climate Change & Floods

Key messages by Hamid Sarfraz in a PTV live transmission on 2022 floods in Pakistan:
✧ Climate change is very much a reality and may reflect in flooding every year; hence, need to be taken as an ongoing challenge.
✧ Floods are caused by multidimensional factors; hence, need a multidimensional response.
✧ The institutional structure to cope with disasters needs a complete overhaul.
✧ Communities need to be trained on reading early warning signs, and to respond effectively.
✧ International community with high CO2 emissions need to realise the cost of inaction before it’s too late.

Climate Change and Water

Hamid Sarfraz was one of the panelists on Such TV current affair show, Goya with Arsalan Khalid. The discussion focused on climate change phenomenon, its impact especially on water, and Pakistan’s preparedness to tackle this challenge. The programme can be viewed at the following link.