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Baseline Ecological Survey & Biodiversity Action Plan

Building upon our earlier assignment for Greater Thal Canal Irrigation Investment Programme (GTCIIP) in 2019, the Landell Mills has again sub-contracted the dev~consult for conducting second baseline ecological survey of the command area of the Greater Thal Canal, and also developing the Biodiversity Action Plan for the resaved rangelands (rakhs) in the same area. The activity is part of developing the environmental safeguards documents for the ADB’s Transactional Technical Assistance for GTCIIP.

Improving Workforce Readiness in Punjab

The dev~consult has partnered with the AARC Ltd, Ireland to provide services for the Improving Workforce Readiness in Punjab (IWRP) project. Supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the the IWRP project adds value by strengthening the TVET sector’s ability to support economic growth and job creation in priority sectors and clusters, including export-oriented ones.