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Regional Development Plans

ADB is supporting the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in developing the Regional Development Plans (RDPs) for Peshawar, Abbottabad and Swat regions through engaging international and national experts. The RDPs aim to provide a strategic multi-sectoral plan that identifies the comparative advantages of these regions and a 25 year investment plan for the component cities, i.e., Peshawar, Mardan, Kohat, Abbottabad and Mingora. The RDPs will prioritise key sub-sectors, including water supply, environmental sanitation, solid waste management, tourism, cultural heritage, smart city, urban green spaces and amenities, other municipal services, and urban mobility and regional connectivity. Particular emphasis shall be given to key drivers that promote sustainable urban and economic development.

Due to COVID-19, the pace of work on RDPs slowed down. However, the team has developed preliminary drafts of RDPs using secondary data and sources. This is a work in progress that will evolve and become more refined in light of the outcome of stakeholder consultations and the field visits.

Click here to access the preliminary drafts of RDPs.

Social Safeguards Monitoring

The Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Programme (PICIIP) has awarded a 2-year contract to the dev~consult for external monitoring of the social safeguards compliance as prescribed by ADB’s Safeguards Policy Statement. In its first phase, the PICIIP is being implemented in Sahiwal and Sialkot to transform these into liveable cities by providing essential urban services and facilities. The assignment would entail periodic visits, and monitoring and progress reports.

Baseline Ecological Survey & Biodiversity Action Plan

Building upon our earlier assignment for Greater Thal Canal Irrigation Investment Programme (GTCIIP) in 2019, the Landell Mills has again sub-contracted the dev~consult for conducting second baseline ecological survey of the command area of the Greater Thal Canal, and also developing the Biodiversity Action Plan for the resaved rangelands (rakhs) in the same area. The activity is part of developing the environmental safeguards documents for the ADB’s Transactional Technical Assistance for GTCIIP.