Sher Akbar

Having a degree in Engineering and Diploma in Educational Planning & Management, Sher Akbar has more than 35 years of experience in handling vocational training issues in both public and private sectors and has been engaged in providing consultancy services to leading national and international organizations.

He has been working at apex organizations like National Training Board and has also supervised a multi-donor (IDA, FRG, EU, CIDA & UNDP) National Vocational Training Project aiming at HRD through expansion of existing Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system (formal, informal-male, female), up-gradation of skills of existing workers in industry, reformation of apprenticeship training programmes, skills standardisation, development of curricula (DACUM), financing of TVET and establishment of LMI system in the provinces.

He has a thorough knowledge of international TVET systems and comprehensive experience of TVET issues in Pakistan. He has hands on experience of policy, system, programmes, legislative and operational aspects of TVET in all the provinces. He also carries thorough experience and understanding of the TVET Reform Program in Pakistan. He has been actively involved in preparing federal and provincial/regional Skill Development Plans (SDPs) in-line with the National Skills Strategy (NSS) of Pakistan; with particular focus on conforming the NSS in to activities/actions, prioritisation, resourcing and monitoring and evaluation. The strategy is coordinated by National Vocational Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) and implemented through Technical Education and Training Authorities (TEVTAs) in the provinces/regions.

Sher Akbar has been providing technical assistance and support to the national task force on the formulation of National Skills Development Policy and the provincial working groups to frame short, medium and long term TVET policies/reforms. He has supervised and conducted various studies with regard to access, equity and employability as also job market assessment for workforce development, as well as Training Needs Assessment and provided support in development of skilled workforce strategy for agricultural and non agro based industry and strategy for implementing Livelihood Development Programme aiming at sustainable development.

He is well versed with the TVET and employment issues in Asia & Pacific regions and is adequately trained in TVET, HR and Institutional Development aspects. He has worked with national (consulting firms) and international organizations like ADB, GIZ, ILO, USAID and IRC.