Dr. Naila Khalil

Naila Khalil, MBBS, MPH, PhD, CPH, is Professor in the Department of Population and Public Health Sciences, Boonshoft School of Medicine at Wright State University. In Master of Public Health Program, Dr. Khalil teaches environmental health, and epidemiology. She also teaches a WSU undergraduate course on climate change and health.

Dr. Khalil graduated with a PhD in environmental epidemiology from the University of Pittsburgh in 2007. She is a physician and also holds a MPH degree from Pakistan. Dr. Khalil worked for 12 years in the Ministry of Health, Pakistan, as a public health physician. Besides teaching environmental health (EH) in the MPH. program, Quaide Azam University, Islamabad, she was the National Program Manager for EH, a collaborative effort with World Health Organization. 

Before joining her current position in 2010, Dr. Khalil was a post doctoral researcher at the Lifespan Health Research Center at WSU. Her research involved epidemiology of chronic diseases including cardiovascular outcomes. Her previous research focused on longitudinal analysis of skeletal and metabolic changes during menopause in a study funded by the National Institutes of Health. The abstract from this research was selected for a Young Investigators Award by the American Society of Bone and Mineral Research in 2009. Her MPH research related to food and water safety, where she modeled a proactive strategy for preventing food borne illness in airlines (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Strategy). Dr Khalil has served with US EPA as a reviewer and completed projects with WHO, IUCN, and Save the Children.  Her current research is focused on perfluoroalkyl substances exposure and health impacts in firefighters.