Dr. Amer Umer Nagi

An energetic, highly motivated, innovative, achievement oriented Business Executive with excellent research, strategic and marketing skills in the field of Pharmaceutical and health care with extensive experience of almost 15 years in successful consultation, development, implementation and management of diverse project related to pharmaceuticals and health sector. Highly successful in creating vision, identifying opportunities and building successful companies and organisations, he is a dynamic and creative leader with extensive managerial, motivational, and problem solving skills to overcome challenges and capitalise on diverse business opportunities. He has outstanding verbal and written communication skills.

His areas of expertise include strategic visioning, planning, policy making, operational systems optimisation and strategic plan implementation; optimisation of HR and material resources; need & gap analysis, & customisation of healthcare services; systems integration for seamless operations and achievement of set goals; development of mechanisms for performance evaluation; cost analysis and evaluation of healthcare delivery; and research on healthcare systems.