Project Reports

With the permission of our respective clients, some of our project reports are accessible here for you to download.

Regional Development Plans for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The RDPs aim to provide a strategic multisectoral plan that identifies the comparative advantages of the three regions and a 25 year investment plan for the component cities. The RDPs will prioritise key subsectors, including water supply, environmental sanitation, solid waste management, tourism, cultural heritage, smart city, urban green spaces and amenities, other municipal services, and urban mobility and regional connectivity. Particular emphasis shall be given to key drivers that promote sustainable urban and economic development.

The RDPs may also explore interventions that will benefit from economies of scale or interconnectivity. The RDPs will consider cross-cutting areas such as corporate or business planning, data and indicators, human resources, procurement, safeguards and budget planning and management. Special attention will also be paid to the urban poor, women’s participation, and measures to address income and gender inequity. The RDPs will be responsible for assessing spatial and demographic land use, and identifying investments for urban areas within the region. The 25 year investment plans at the regional level will help identify the appropriate loan modality and the nature of investments under the loan.

The RDPs shared above are Preliminary Draft Reports, prepared primarily on the basis of secondary data and sources, given the inability of the project team to mobilise to the field during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This is a work in progress that will evolve and become more refined in light of the outcome of stakeholder consultations and the field visits.