With a wide range of expertise in its folds, the dev~consult has experience and dedication to work in its niche areas ranging from environmental disciplines to inclusive socioeconomic development subjects.

Policy & Governance

  • Public policy analysis and development
  • Environmental policy, law and adjudication
  • Rights based governance analysis and advocacy
  • Water policy and governance

Strategy Design & Execution

  • Strategic visioning and goal setting
  • Strategy formulation and action planning
  • Intuitional review and restructuring
  • Project design, preparatory studies, planning, proposal writing and PC‐1 preparation

Sustainable Urban Development

  • Spatial zoning and master planning
  • Air quality, water supply and sanitation
  • Sustainable transport

Biodiversity & Natural Resource Management

  • Biodiversity conservation & ecosystem management
  • Forestry sector masterplanning
  • Drylands and range management
  • Integrated water and natural resource management
  • Food security and livelihood development
  • Organic produce and value chain development

Environmental & Social Safeguards

  • Safeguards capacity and practice assessment
  • Environmental safeguards studies
  • Social safeguards studies
  • Environmental and social management planning
  • Land acquisition and resettlement planning
  • Environmental and social impact assessment

Climate Change

  • Climate finance, CDM and REDD+
  • Carbon inventory and stock taking
  • Climate change adaptation strategies and action plans
  • Climate public expenditure and institutional review

Research, Evaluation & Impact Assessment

  • Evidence based monitoring and evaluation
  • Performance audit and diagnostic studies
  • Survey design and field management
  • Data processing, analysis and management
  • Focus groups discussion and in‐depth interviews
  • Stakeholder mapping and analysis
  • Case studies and participant observations
  • Situation and problem analysis

Communication & Knowledge Management

  • Strategic communication and advocacy
  • Designing and managing campaigns, development communication and social marketing
  • Alternate media campaign design and management
  • Formative research, creative writing, designing, production and impact assessment
  • Media training and outreach
  • Advocacy and mass awareness and strategic communication

Financial Assessment & Management

  • Public private partnership advisory
  • Fiscal reforms and public finance management
  • Financial analysis, tariff negotiations and transaction advisory

Information Technology for Development

  • Remote sensing and GIS
  • Multi‐layer scenario building and interpretation
  • Smart monitoring design and application

Social Mobilisation & Gender Mainstreaming

  • Preparation and implementation of social mobilisation and community participation strategies
  • Gender analysis, gender mainstreaming and empowerment of marginalised groups
  • Social sectors development, poverty and social assessment and social protection programmes

Health Systems Research & Management

  • Health system assessment and resource optimisation
  • Brand management and marketing
  • Public health research and communication
  • Public health systems design, implementation, reporting and evaluation
  • Public health communication and advocacy

Programme Implementation Support

  • Community driven local development
  • Grants and liquidity management