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Climate Change & Floods

Key messages by Hamid Sarfraz in a PTV live transmission on 2022 floods in Pakistan:
✧ Climate change is very much a reality and may reflect in flooding every year; hence, need to be taken as an ongoing challenge.
✧ Floods are caused by multidimensional factors; hence, need a multidimensional response.
✧ The institutional structure to cope with disasters needs a complete overhaul.
✧ Communities need to be trained on reading early warning signs, and to respond effectively.
✧ International community with high CO2 emissions need to realise the cost of inaction before it’s too late.

Advisory to Globesight

Our Managing Partner, Hamid Sarfraz, will be sharing his time with Globesight as its Senior Advisor (Pakistan).  Globesight is  a leading global development firm working collaboratively with innovative partners to craft solutions to the world’s most pressing social issues. Globesight develops strategies, investigates complex issues through relevant research, cultivates insights in data-scarce environments, and aims to reframe the conversation to challenge assumptions on advancing change. Its team of strategists, advocates, and experts work across sectors and issues helping organizations navigate complex social challenges, define their impact potential, and build innovative solutions that will both achieve their goals and drive ours forward. Headquartered in Dubai, Globesight also has offices in Islamabad and a growing presence across the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa.