Dr. Shahid Ahmad

With a PhD in Agricultural Engineering from the CSU and an illustrious 45 years’ career with ADB, CSU, IUCN and PARC, Dr. Ahmad is one of the leading water and natural resource management, and climate change assessment and adaptations experts in Pakistan. He has worked on more than 60 short-term to long-term assignments with number of donor organisations. His areas of expertise include water management and development, drought and floods mitigation and management, integrated natural resource management, climate change impacts assessment and adaptations, disaster risk reduction and disaster risk management, policy analysis and development, strategy formulation and action planning, proposal writing and review, project identification, formulation, appraisal, implementation, reporting, supervision and evaluation, knowledge management, food security and livelihood development, community driven local development, project evaluation and completion reports.

He has more than 300 publications in integrated land and water management, irrigation and drainage, salinity management, erosion control, agro-meteorology, resource use planning, participatory development, water informatics, climate change assessment, water policy and institutional reforms. He has worked in Pakistan, Libya, Thailand and USA, and has represented Pakistan at various international forums.