The dev~consult is blessed to have some of the best professionals in their respective areas of expertise, affiliated and motivated to work under its banner.

Sohail Maqbool Malik
Climate & portfolio management
Dr. Saif Sherani
Social development & safeguards
Zaigham Khan
Communication & community development
Farhana Faruqi Stocker
Programme development & management; M&E
Rashid Iqbal
Financial management & assessment
Saima A. Khawaja
Legal review, reform & practice
Mahe Nau Haider
M&E, gender & social development
Ashraf John
Economic analysis & development
Iftikhar A. Khalid
M&E & programme management
Ram Chandra Khanal
M&E, project development & management
Sher Akbar
Technical & vocational education
Sophia Ahmed
Humanitarian assistance & disaster response
Dr. Nasim Javed Khan
Forestry & rangelands management
Inam Ullah Khan
Forestry & biodiversity management
Dr. Muhammad Hayat
Fisheries development & management
Ghazanfar Ali Khan
Energy development & management
Hasan A. Rizvi
Climate science & Knowledge management
Ahsan Maqbool Malik
Energy research & development
Dr. Amer Nagi
Health system research & marketing
Dr. Zaeem Ul Haq
Health communications & behavioural change
Sarmad Hussain Khan
Industrial & enterprise development
Dr. Manjurul Hannan Khan
Climate negotiations & management
Mohsin Muslim
Marketing research & management
Ahmed Saeed Shaikh
Project & programme management
Muhammad Ali Naseer
Treasury, corporate finance & business development
Dr. Naila Khalil
Environmental health & epidemiology
Saad Sarfraz
Political economy analysis & econometrics