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dev~consult is a unique client‐centric consulting practice believing in the philosophy of collective wisdom but individual niches. We, together, aim to cover diverse aspects of sustainable development including policy and governance; strategy design and execution; biodiversity and natural resource management; environmental and social safeguards; water resource management; research, evaluation and impact assessment; social mobilisation and gender mainstreaming; communication and knowledge management; health systems research and management; climate change; sustainable urban development; information technology for development; and programme implementation support.


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Feasibility Study for Enhancing Green Export Capacity in Pakistan

A multi sectoral team will undertake feasibility study for enhancing green export capacity through green financing in Pakistan. Contracted by theNational Rural Support Programme (NRSP) through the Climate Resourcing Coordination Center (CRCC), the assignment entails through assessment of technology and processes, and GHG estimation in textile leather, surgical instruments and rice sectors with financial structuring for green financing. It also entails environmental and social impact assessment, gender assessment, and gender action planning for the ensuing programme.

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